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4DMedical to start first commercial scans

4DMedical shares surged on Tuesday after the medical technology company announced the commercial rollout of its XV Lung Ventilation Analysis Software with I-MED Radiology Network commencing in December.

4DMedical has been focused on commercialising its FDA-cleared and TGA-approved respiratory imaging platform. The commencement of the commercial arrangement follows the successful completion of piloting programs by the two parties. I-MED is Australia’s largest diagnostic imaging provider with more than 250 clinics nationwide.

Clinicians and specialists based in and around the Casey region of Victoria, Australia, will be able to refer patients to I-MED’s imaging clinic in Berwick, where state-of-the-art radiology infrastructure compatible with 4DMedical’s XV Technology has been proven in pilot evaluation studies.

Disease indication analysis during piloting spanned conditions including post-COVID, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchiectasis, sarcoidosis, and silicosis. 4DMedical’s XV Technology is particularly useful as a surveillance tool, monitoring the evolving condition of patients’ lungs and response to therapeutic interventions, such as courses of pharmaceuticals.

The XV LVAS software rollout will be rapidly expanded to include additional sites in Brisbane and Wagga Wagga in early 2022, and at selected locations across I-MED’s network thereafter.

4DMedical noted that commercial pricing is in line with the company’s expectations.

In addition to the commercial rollout with I-MED, 4DMedical continues to make progress with commercial pilots in the United States. The company currently has a near-term commercialisation pipeline in the US market, in particular within the large Veterans Health Administration healthcare system. The company said it is continuing to progress towards signing its first commercial agreement in the U.S.

4DMedical’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Andreas Fouras. “People living with or concerned about respiratory disease will have access to the world’s most advanced four-dimensional quantification and visualisation of their lungs, enabling them and their referring doctor to gain insights into lung function with the highest sensitivity. This service enables superior information to be provided to patients presenting with lung disorders and will help referring medical practitioners plan appropriate treatment plans.”

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