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Alcidion awarded Oz government contract

Shares in Alcidion Group jumped on Friday after the healthcare software provider announced it is a member of a consortium that was awarded a contract to provide components of an enterprise Health IT Project for the Australian government. The excitement was short-lived though as trading retreated in Monday's session.

Alcidion will provide the Longitudinal Health Record via its Miya Precision product. The Miya Precision platform will aggregate data from consortium partner solutions and other systems in the environment to establish a consolidated view of every participant health status and history.

The value of Alcidion’s contract is estimated to be $23.3 million over six years. This will cover implementation and a subscription to the Miya Precision platform. Project commencement is planned for December 2021.

The consortium led by global IT and engineering consulting firm, Leidos Australia involves several other digital health partners to deliver the full system requirements. Further options to take up Miya Observations and Assessments and options to renew up to 15 years creates a possible TCV for the contract with Leidos of around $50 million.

The contract signing follows Alcidion’s announcement in April noting the company was selected as part of the consortium as the preferred vendor.

Managing Director and CEO Kate Quirke said: “Alcidion looks forward to working with Leidos and our Consortium partners to deliver this significant project. The scale and scope are a validation of Miya Precision’s existing capability to provide this critically important longitudinal health record”.

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