Aussie Broadband signs Telstra deal

Shares in Aussie Broadband jumped on Wednesday after it announced a new five-year deal with Telstra Wholesale.

ABB is to provide backhaul capacity between 42 nbn POIs and data centres in the remaining areas not covered by Aussie’s own fibre network. The deal is complementary to Aussie Broadband’s own fibre network build. It brings forward savings from the company’s own fibre network and legacy Telstra Wholesale leasing agreements by an estimated $1 million for FY22, and $15 million per year from FY23 onwards.

Upgrades will be rolled out over the next nine months and are expected to be completed by April 2022.

The deal will also allow Aussie Broadband to upgrade its inter-capital links, which connect major data centre sites around Australia, with 400G fully protected links on major routes and multiple 100G paths to all remaining capital cities.

This additional network capacity will accelerate growth in the business segment and underpins the company’s plans to increasingly target the enterprise and business market, specifically using NBN Enterprise Ethernet and Telstra Ethernet access products which are ideal for the enterprise and mid-tier business markets. It will also provide additional capacity to continue the company’s residential and white label segments growth.

The company has commenced further expansion of its business direct sales, solution design and presales engineering capabilities, as well as expanding capacity of its award-winning Carbon platform, to target larger business customers.

Managing Director Phillip Britt said that over the next six months, Aussie Broadband intends to release a range of new products into the Carbon platform specifically suited to larger businesses. “Carbon has been a game-changer for many of our larger corporate customers; it is an industry-leading, one-stop shop for everything business and enterprise customers need. It is a key feature in our product suite, and it allows our customers a level of control over their services that they’ve never had access to before, positioning the company as a leader in the business and enterprise space.”