Australian innovation leading the world

Australia is a nation of inventors and innovators. Our small nation has made several technological contributions that have helped change the world including the pacemaker, 'black box' flight recorder, ultrasound, cochlear implants, and wi-fi, to name just a few.

While everyone is talking about Brainchip at the moment, there are a few other Australian companies also developing potentially revolutionary products.

Small-cap, Strategic Elements (SOR) surged 130% on Tuesday after announcing it was developing self-charging battery technology with the University of New South Wales and CSIRO. The Battery cells create electricity from humidity in the air or skin surface to self-charge themselves within minutes. No manual charging or wired power is required.

Fellow innovative small-cap, robotic technology company FBR Limited (FBR), announced the company completed construction of its first two-storey structure using the Hadrian X construction robot. The West Australian based company has been developing an a mobile construction robot, that uses its patented Dynamic Stabilisation Technology (DST) to lay bricks faster, safer and with less wastage than with manual labour. The company is also exploring other applications for it DST technology.

Check out FBR's latest video released today.