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Breakthrough cancer tech sends BARD1 up 450%

BARD1 Life Sciences soared 103% on Monday after it announced that Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics released data showing that its blood test product, SubB2M, can be used to detect all stages of breast cancer with 100% specificity and over 95% sensitivity from a blood sample.

BARD1 Life Sciences (ASX:BD1) is an Australian-based company with a portfolio of diagnostic technologies and products. The company is focused on developing and commercialising diagnostic solutions for healthcare professionals and patients.

SubB2M is a novel protein that has been engineered to bind with high specificity and affinity to a glycan that is only present on cancer cells and cancer-associated biomolecules.

BARD1 aims to develop and commercialise SubB2M-based blood tests for breast cancer to enable earlier detection, inform treatment decisions and improve women’s health outcomes.

In a presentation delivered by Dr Lucy Shewell from Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics at the Lorne Cancer Conference, Dr Shewell reported that serum from 96 patients with all stages of breast cancer had significantly elevated mean levels of Neu5Gc glycans compared to 22 cancer-free control individuals when assayed by surface plasmon resonance.

The research demonstrated the potential of SubB2M for the monitoring of patients for disease recurrence. Dr Shewell concluded that detection of Neu5Gc-glycans using SubB2M has the potential to be useful as a diagnostic marker for the detection of early-stage breast cancer, as well as a tool for monitoring disease progression in late-stage cancer.

Monday's announcement follows another just last week, in which the Griffith University group had reported similar results for SubB2M detection of Neu5Gc in ovarian cancer.

BARD1’s share price is now up 450% for the week.

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