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Bubs surges on Walmart launch

Bubs Australia surged almost 30% on Friday after it announced that it has secured acceptance for an inaugural USA launch of its Aussie Bubs branded formula range on, the online e-commerce platform of the world's largest retail group.

The launch creates an entry point into the USA infant nutrition market, with combined Infant Formula and Toddler Formula retail category worth $USD 5.1 billion annually, with 93% of total sales being powder formulations. The initial launch range will consist of two products, including Bubs first ever bi-lingual English & Hispanic label with:

  • Aussie Bubs Australian Goat milk-based Toddler Formula, making it the only Australian Goat Milk Formula product on the USA market, and

  • Aussie Bubs Grass-Fed Nutritional milk-based Toddler Formula.

The Aussie Bubs range is going to utilise existing high quality and clean label Bubs Australia formulations, providing an important opportunity to leverage the consumer global trend towards clean label nutrition. The Aussie Bubs formulations have met stringent Clean Label Purity standards with confirmation of Clean Label Purity Award, and Prop 65 regulations for the Aussie Bubs range.

Bubs Australia is currently selling on Amazon AU will extend the range into

The establishment of a US subsidiary, Aussie Bubs, Inc., will spearhead in-country marketing and based in health-conscious Northern California, and the company will commence expansion of a retail distribution footprint with USA Broker appointment, including a national network of sales agent companies selected as exclusive sales representatives across the USA.

The Aussie Bubs range for the USA is expected to be available online from September 2021.

Bubs Executive Chairman, Dennis Lin said: "The launch of Aussie Bubs into the USA market is a key next pillar of our Global market diversification and expansion, providing continued momentum for our export sales growth contribution from South East Asia as we build on our existing business in Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Singapore."

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