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Imugene granted European patent

Imugene shares surged 10% on Friday after it announced it was granted approval for a European patent on its HER-Vaxx immunotherapy.

The clinical stage immuno-oncology company said it has received a Notice of Grant from the European Patent Office which protects its HER-Vaxx immunotherapy, currently in development for HER-2 positive gastric cancer.

The patent protects Imugene’s method of composition and method of use of Imugene’s HER-Vaxx immunotherapy to 2036.

Imugene’s HER-Vaxx is a B-cell activating immunotherapy designed to treat tumours that over-express the HER-2/neu receptor, such as gastric, breast, ovarian, lung and pancreatic cancers. The immunotherapy is constructed from several B cell epitopes derived from the extracellular domain of HER-2/neu.

It has been shown in pre-clinical studies, in Phase I and now Phase 2 studies to stimulate a potent polyclonal antibody response to HER-2/neu, a well-known and validated cancer target.

Imugene’s M.D. & CEO, Ms Leslie Chong said, “Attaining the key European patent is an important milestone and is another major pharmaceutical market to grant patent protection for HER-Vaxx until 2036.”

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