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Introducing Property and Defensive Portfolio

After numerous client requests, Stock Specialist has created our own proprietary defensive (bear market) and Australian property reports for our members.

Since the very hawkish monetary policy which has been seen from the RBA, the stock market has taken a massive tumble. The ASX 200 and the All Ordinaries have dropped quite significantly now that the economy is entering a correctional period.

Please see below for an excerpt of our Property Report:

"Stock Specialist has identified a clear understatement of the impact a permanent 1% increase in the cash rate will have on the Australian housing market. The purpose of this report is to clear up the disconnect between what the short-term impacts of RBA rate hikes will be when compared to the long term. Stock Specialist has referred to the RBA’s ST (Saunders-Tulip) model as well as the analysis done by the big four banks on their own books to identify that a permanent 1% increase in the real cash rate will, on average, reduces house prices by around 30% over the long term."

With the introduction of these two new portfolios, Stock Specialist aims to provide investors with market insights into how they can withstand this bearish landscape. Not only that, but with our leading analysts consistently updating our digital reports, clients will be able to navigate the market volatility and actually grow their wealth in this bearish landscape.

If you have any questions as to how you can use this information to increase your portfolio wealth, email us at

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