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Material Sectors that Outperform

Investors around the world are frantically searching for stocks and sectors that will mitigate their losses, or even better, grow their wealth in this volatile market.

Almost all sectors domestically and abroad have suffered, with the exception of a few prime based sectors. Historically, in a bear market sectors such as consumer staples, energy, equity REITs etc. However, our client base was able to take advantage of our sector analysis where energy and materials were seen as the highest movers, including, lithium, rare earths, gold etc.

Year-to-date the ASX 200 index has fallen almost 15% indicating a correctional period, however, some sectors have outperformed with some stocks in particular listed below:

· IGO Limited – 50%

· New Hope Corporation – 83%

· Perseus Mining Limited – 30 %

· Sayona Mining Limited – 133%

· South 32 Limited - 49%

· Lynas Rare Earths – 64%

· Capricorn Metals – 84%

· Grange Resources 147%

· Core Lithium – 370%

Going forward there will still be various sectors and stocks to take advantage of especially in the electric vehicle thematic that is currently being seen as undervalued in the market. Feel free to reach out to our highly specialised team at or call us at (02) 8215 0741.

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