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Robotic bricklayer completes largest project yet

Robotic technology company FBR Limited has completed its second non-residential structure for a customer using the Hadrian X – this time, a childcare centre – to further underline the potential and versatility of its bricklaying technology.

FBR develops and builds dynamically stabilised robots that are designed specifically to work outdoors using the company’s core Dynamic Stabilisation Technology (DST). FBR is commercialising products for the construction sector together with DST-enabled solutions for other industries.

The first application of the technology is the Hadrian X, a bricklaying robot designed to build structural walls faster, safer, more accurately and with less wastage than traditional manual methods. The Hadrian X provides Wall as a Service, FBR’s commercial offering, to builders on demand.

FBR was appointed as a sub-contractor for the childcare centre, which will become a centrepiece for the community being established by Stockland at the Amberton Beach coastal community in Perth’s north.

Hadrian X built the double brick cavity walls of the childcare centre, comprising all external as well as some internal walls. The centre was completed on time in 16 build days and consisted of 8,670 concrete masonry units, the equivalent of approximately 36,500 standard bricks. The work was completed in a significantly shorter time period than the estimate for manual bricklayers and was charged at the prevailing commercial rate for bricklaying services.

The Hadrian X was able to operate through challenging weather conditions including heavy rain and strong winds. The childcare centre was built in five sections, requiring five different building positions for the Hadrian X®, and as well as being the largest structure built by the Hadrian X, it is also one of the tallest, with a 4.8m high wall incorporated into the structure.

FBR’s Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Mike Pivac, said the construction of the childcare centre structure was a major step forwards in the commercialisation and demonstration of the revolutionary Hadrian X technology.

“The timely construction of the shell of this childcare centre building further proves the real-life, right now, commercial potential of the Hadrian X and is a fantastic outcome for us and our clients at Amberton Beach.” Mr Pivac said.

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