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Telix Pharmaceuticals signs new Italian distribution agreement

Telix Pharmaceuticals announced a new exclusive commercial distribution agreement with Bologna-based RADIUS S.r.l. for Telix’s prostate cancer investigational imaging product Illuccix for the Italian market.

Building on support Radius has already provided Telix in distributing 68GaPSMA-11 for magisterial use in Italy, under the terms, Radius will be the exclusive commercial distributor of Illuccix in Italy, an EU5 country, for a period of three years from the national approval date.

Founded in 2003, Radius deals with innovative and state-of-the-art solutions and technology in Italy, with exclusivity, for three main areas: Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, and Preclinical Research. Radius is the market leader in the supply of gallium generators across Italy, a position that enables Radius to provide a secure supply of the 68Ga necessary for launching Illuccix. Radius also has the advantage of being a supplier and service provider for cyclotrons and radiotherapy suites across Italy.

In 2020, prostate cancer was the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in Italy, with approximately 39,000 new cases being diagnosed, exhibiting a significantly higher incidence in men than either lung cancer or bowel cancer. Prostate cancer was also a leading cause of cancer death in men, with almost 7,000 men dying from the disease in Italy in 2020. Almost 150,000 Italian men were estimated to be living with prostate cancer in 2020.

Radius CEO, Dr. Mauro Mei stated, “This commercial partnership with Telix will enable us to open the door to state-of-the-art PSMA imaging for the 39,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year in Italy. Given that PSMA imaging represents the latest standard of care for prostate cancer imaging, having recently been included in European1 and U.S.2 clinical practice guidelines, we are delighted to be adding Illuccix® to our nuclear medicine portfolio and look forward to bringing this product to Italian men in need, upon receipt of regulatory approval.”

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