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Telstra's proposed corporate restructure

Telstra announced the next steps in its proposed legal restructure to enable it to better realise the value of its infrastructure assets, take advantage of potential monetisation opportunities and create additional value for shareholders.

The proposed legal structure within the Telstra Group, expected to be completed by December 2021, includes the following:

  • InfraCo Fixed, which would own and operate Telstra’s passive or physical infrastructure assets: the ducts, fibre, data centres, and exchanges that underpin Telstra’s fixed telecommunications network. This will provide important optionality to create additional value from these assets in the future.

  • InfraCo Towers, which would own and operate Telstra’s passive or physical mobile tower assets, which Telstra is looking to monetise given the strong demand and compelling valuations for this type of high-quality infrastructure.

  • ServeCo, which would continue to focus on creating innovative products and services, supporting customers and delivering the best possible customer experience. ServeCo would own the active parts of the network, including the radio access network and spectrum assets to ensure Telstra continues to maintain its industry-leading mobile coverage and network superiority.

Telstra also intends to establish its international business under a separate subsidiary within the Telstra Group to keep that part of the business, including subsea cables, together as one entity.

Telstra Chairman John Mullen said realising more value from Telstra’s infrastructure assets was one of the fundamental pillars of Telstra’s T22 strategy. “Even before the COVID pandemic reminded us of the enormous importance of telecommunications infrastructure globally, we could see the opportunity to provide transparency of our assets and opportunities to deliver additional value for shareholders. The legal restructure is a step toward that outcome. It also reflects the new post-COVID world we are living in and the fact that our assets are a critical part of the infrastructure that is enabling the nation’s rapidly growing digital economy."

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