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Telstra Steady Despite Leaking Data

Despite the weekend news that telecommunications mogul Telstra experienced a significant data breach for a dramatic amount of the company's customers.

Over 130,000 customers saw their personal details such as name, address and email published to the White Pages and other online directories.

As reported over the weekend, this breach was surprisingly not the result of cybercriminals or hackers but with a rather vague statement from Telstra, stating, it was a “misalignment of databases”.

16,000 of the 132,000 customers had their phone numbers published in an online version of the White Pages directory, with the rest of the customer’s information accidentally made available via directory assistance.

However, despite all this in the long-term Telstra has still performed, increasing over 10% in the last five years not including the vast amount of dividends that customers have received over that time.

Commenting on the incident chief financial officer Michael Ackland said the mistake was uncovered during the company’s regular auditing processes.

He stated that, We found there were misalignments where customers, who in our databases we believed should have been unlisted, were flagged as listed in the directory assistance database, and those 16,000 customers in the White Pages database.”

The details were immediately removed from the website and the company has stated that they are working to expunge all the customer details from its directory assistance servers.

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