Virtual Reality & Psychedelic Treatment

Incannex Healthcare Limited (IHL), is a pharmaceutical company developing cannabinoid, psychedelic products, and medicinal therapies in various medical applications.

Today IHL announced it executed a license agreement with Monash University to jointly create a treatment that combines Virtual Reality (‘VR’) and psychedelics. This marks the company’s second clinical psychedelic therapy program.

Incannex has executed an exclusive, global license with BrainPark a global leading clinical research platform at Monash University’s Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health essentially until the end of time. BrainPark have already developed an immersive therapeutic VR environment specifically for this purpose.

The license allows Incannex to investigate the use of this VR therapy tool in combination with a psychedelic drug to develop a new treatment for severe forms of one or more anxiety disorders, including Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

The treatment uses an Exposure and Response Prevention approach. By triggering various stimuli, the company aims to develop patient skills and reduce negative symptoms and behaviour.

CEO and Managing Director of Incannex, Mr. Joel Latham, said; “… The combination of psychedelic compounds with an evidence-based VR therapy is a leading edge in the field of mental health treatments. We look forward to providing more detail about the project in due course when clinical trial planning has been finalised.”