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Welcome to the Stock Specialist Blog

Welcome to the Stock Specialist Blog. The worldly musings of the SS team covering all things stock market and stock related.

Why are you here?

Whether you’re new to stock markets and aren’t sure where to start, or a seasoned participant seeking a quality source of research and investment related tips, our aim is to provide all readers with valuable insights to make you better do-it-yourself investors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated huge growth in retail investor numbers. It’s the ultimate work anywhere, anytime job. Got a laptop? Internet? Even just a smartphone? You’re able to make a trade. Whether you should, or more importantly, how, is precisely why we’re here. Investors can’t control the markets, although you can certainly control your approach to investing.

What is this blog about?

While our premium memberships provide investors with in-depth analysis and specific stock recommendations, our free blog will offer more general commentary and education pieces aimed and helping readers filter noise, recognise biases, and to simply make more considered investment decisions.

What sort of content will you find?

Short and sharp. Long and detailed. Every topic is different. Some can be quickly addressed without waffling on, while other complex areas require in-depth exploration. Hopefully, in all cases, you find some engaging, interesting, and at times irreverent content that keeps you coming back for more.

Any questions?

Feel free to comment below with any suggestions or content you would like to see discussed.

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