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Woodside Faces New Climate Protests

Massive oil and gas mogul Woodside Energy Group fell today after new climate activists are challenging the company’s $17 billion Scarborough Project in the Supreme Court.

The Conservation Council of WA (CCWA) is challenging approvals for Pluto Train 2, saying pollution and environmental harm from resulting emissions wasn’t properly considered. Pluto Train 2 is a critical component of the project. To save duplicating findings, an increase in emissions was instead considered by WA’s Environmental Protection Agency. Pluto Train 2 is a proposed expansion of Woodside’s Pluto LNG gas facility’s processing capacity.

Woodside made the news today after CCWA announced it’s challenging the Western Australian Department of Water and Environmental Regulation’s approval of Pluto Train 2’s construction, handed down in May 2021.

CCWA claims the regulator failed to consider the expansion will nearly double the facility’s emissions.

CCWA executive director Maggie Wood stated:

“To avoid irreversible damage to our climate and protect the people of WA from the horrific effects of more droughts, floods, and bushfires it is vital that the long-lasting impacts of fossil fuel proposals are taken seriously and given the most stringent and careful regulatory assessment before decisions are made.”

Despite all the anger, Scarborough must also battle various regulatory challenges to clear. On top of this, there is a separate legal battle that is from the Australian Conservation Foundation.

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