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Stock Specialist brings investors diligent research and meticulous attention to detail.


Our company employs a diverse group of professional analysts specialising in covering a wide range of sectors and companies.

Our reports aim to make research accessible to all types of investors, from beginners to advanced, by presenting our analysis in a clear and straightforward manner.

Meet The Team


Mark Elzayed



Mark graduated with a double degree with a Bachelor of Applied Finance and a Bachelor of Commerce Professional Accounting from Macquarie University.

Mark has been influential in the financial services industry in Australia. He was the Wealth Manager at Australia’s top boutique financial firms and has a strong background in funds management and stockbroking. Mark has worked with thousands of Australia’s value investors by adding value using his unique research and analytical methods.

Mark has been an active member in the healthcare space raising capital in excess of $50 Million for a variety of unique Pre-IPO opportunities listed on American exchanges.


Karan Gurnani

Managing Director

Karan graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in international business. Karan began his career at one of the largest IT firms worldwide, Tech Mahindra, where he was influential in executing client strategy across the United Kingdom. Tech Mahindra is listed on the NSE with a $19 billion market cap.


Karan has worked with Australia’s leading financial firms and was recognised for his excellent investor management skills and his strong understanding of fundamental analysis.

Karan has been actively involved in the commercialisation of healthcare assets and facilitated their listing on the largest stock exchanges in the world.


Anthony Foglar

International Markets Correspondent

Anthony is an experienced Chief Executive Officer in the financial services industry. He is skilled in Mutual Funds, Management, M&A, Trading, Financial Analysis and Modelling. He is a strong business development professional with an MBA focused on Finance.

Anthony has achieved monumental success in the financial industry. Anthony was responsible for developing research models used to invest approximately $3 billion euro during his time at SMABTP. He was responsible for research and investment in European financials in the real estate, banking, asset management, industrial and luxury good’s sectors. Anthony and his team outperformed the Euro Stoxx index by approximately 4% per year.

Anthony has also worked for Merrill Lynch and is a Board Member of the Investment Committee of the Merrill Lynch Pension Fund.


Hersh Oberoi

Portfolio Manager

Hersh is a world-class technical analyst having completed his Masters in Investments and Derivatives from Australian National University, Canberra. Hersh Holds numerous educational qualifications in Machine Learning with Python, Data Analysis with Python, Data Science and AI.


He specialises in using charts and indicators to detect common technical patterns to identify ideal entry and exit points within the ASX and international markets.


Hersh has held various roles trading bonds and derivatives and has worked at various companies including NAB, Keystone and Deloitte. Hersh has also held roles as a Quantitative Analyst.


Mark Garro

Head of Research

Mark is one of our valued investment analysis contributors with over 20 years of corporate finance experience. He has held roles in prestigious global and national leaders in investment banking including Goldman Sachs. He also held roles with Marks & Spencer and Tabcorp. He has extensive expertise in financial analysis, investment evaluation and commercial decision making, particularly within technology focused businesses.

In 2017 Mark shifted to managing personal investments full time and remains dedicated to detailed company research and financial evaluations. Mark holds a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) from RMIT and is a qualified member of CPA Australia.

troy 1.jpg

Troy Mahoney

Responsible Officer 

Troy is a financial services veteran with over 20 years’ worth of experience in advice construction and investment management.


Troy has worked in all aspects of financial services including Responsible Manager for multiple AFS licensee businesses, Compliance Manager, Head of Advice, Head of Paraplanning, and other advisory board capacities.

Troy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from the University of Newcastle. He also holds various qualifications in finance particularly for individuals with self-managed Super Funds. 

valerie 1.jpg

Valerie Aung

Operations Manager

Valerie graduated with a Bachelor of Business with a major in Finance and Economics from the University of Technology Sydney. Valerie has also completed a Bachelor of Mathematics. 


Valerie's role involves formulating policies, managing daily operations, and planning the use of materials and human resources.  


Marcos Gomez

Portfolio Manager

Marcos graduated with a double degree of a Bachelor of Applied Finance and a Bachelor of Economics from Macquarie University. Marcos has held various technical and analytical roles in the Australian financial markets at companies such as ASX and BT Financial.

While at the ASX, Marcos played a pivotal role in key milestone projects such as the Trade Refresh project and the CHESS Replacement project. His strong financial and technical knowledge was leveraged to deliver large scale business solutions to various institutional customers such as UBS, Credit Suisse, Macquarie Group and others.

Marcos’ financial market experience is also complemented with his trading career of over 10 years with an emphasis on company fundamental analysis. These trading strategies together with various portfolio management techniques are now being used to assist the Stock Specialist team to pick undervalued opportunities in the markets.

james 1.jpg

James Perini

Investor Engagement Manager

James graduated with a Bachelor of Business with a Major in Economics from the Swinburne University of Technology. James is responsible for engaging and managing the relationships with potential and existing investors that are looking for undervalued market opportunities within the Australian and international markets. 

James is passionate about building long term relationships with qualified individuals and is a dedicated professional focusing on customer engagement and relationship management.

jacob 1.jpg

Jacob Reed

Investment Analyst

Jacob graduated with a Bachelor of Economics with a Major in Economics and Finance from Macquarie University. Jacob has a passion for investing and financial markets and previously worked in financial planning before joining Stock Specialists.

Jacob works closely with our senior analysts to identify undervalued opportunities in the market. Jacob also helps with analysing Stock Specialist’s business performance and market conditions to create forecasts for senior management to make tactical and strategic decisions.

ben 1.png

Ben Moses


Ben provides solutions to our firm, advisers, and investment managers, as well as platform solutions for our clients/investors.

Ben implements best-practice methods to enhance our clients’ experience and he has held Senior Adviser and managing partner roles within the financial services industry.